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3 Reasons When To Start The Branding Process

3 Reasons When To Start The Branding Process The foundation and the most essential part of your business is branding but often time other things take priority, such as advertising, marketing or a bright and shiny website. Branding is for corporate companies, small business owners, retailers, online marketers. If you have a business of any […]

5 steps to solving your small business problems with branding

5 steps to solving your small business problems with branding   On a daily basis I hear small business  talk about how tough it is to get their products and services seen by the right people, lack of sales, increased  competition and  everyone is doing the same thing, which causes  mindfreeze , when it comes […]

What Are The 3 Distinct Purposes Of Branding?

What are the 3 distinct purposes of branding? We often hear about branding, whether it’s about branding yourself, your products or your services. Branding can be applied personally and is the way that a person builds their reputation, or digitally, via web, search engine optimisation or social media. There are so many different definitions of […]

5 steps To Get Clarity On Your Brand

5 Steps To Get Clarity On Your Brand This post was featured in YFS Magazine  I know that you have ideas for days, and it’s driving you crazy, and you’re going around in circles and still not getting your expert brand out there. Now is the time to STOP and make a plan. I know […]

How To Get Your Website Found in Google

How To Get Your Website Found In Google This is a common question that small business owners and entrepreneurs ask.  So I’m going to show you free and easy ways to get your website found in google, which will create authority and visibility of your brand. Its not good to have a brand spanking new […]

What Is Your Brand Positioning Statement

“What do you do?” It’s a simple question, one that we all get asked all the time. Have you ever met someone at a party or networking event that seemed unsure when you asked what they did for a living? What impression did that leave on you? This makes people seem insecure and untrustworthy. I […]

Become the leader you were meant to be

To become a leader is to, lead the way, to take courage, stand alone, stand firm in your beliefs, stay true to exactly who you are without compromise.  For some becoming a leader fills them with dread, and they begin the shrink the very essence of who they are.  why do people do this? this […]

How to Develop A Brand Strategy For Small Businesses

How To Develop A Brand Strategy For Small Businesses Whatever type of business you have competition is at bay, and your competition may not be who think it is.  Having a brand strategy will prepare you for this unlikely competitor. So what is a brand strategy? A brand strategy involves the extensive examination of the […]

How to leave money of the table and PROFIT

People are in the habit of doing to the same thing, doing what everyone  else does, saying what everyone else says and trying to please everyone. One of the single most important thing you should know when building a brand is knowing who you serve and explicitly who you do not serve. When you know […]

Make a decision and stick to it

Decision making can be a difficult task, especially when going through a period of change, within business or personal life. Indecisiveness can lead to you being stuck, mentally and financially if you cant make the right decision for your yourself or your business. What does it take to make a decision, especially of your an […]

ITS TRUE!! You can be honest and create a Dynamic Brand

The one thing as business owners you must get into your system early on, is that not everyone is meant to be your friend, customer or client.  Its human nature to want everyone to you like, and your product to be appealing to everybody. But this is a LIABILITY AND KILLING YOUR BUSINESS. Your personal […]

Personal Branding:What is your unique Promise of Value?

The most amazing thing about being an Entrepreneur is that you have discovered your    UNIQUE PROMISE OF VALUE. Effective Branding, is what is real, genuine and authentic, You have discovered how to create a lifestyle that aligns making a living from the love of what you do,  Your unique characteristics is what draws buyers […]

8 Ways To Attract Your New Best Clients

8 ways to Attract Your New Best Clients Keep your  peeled, and ears close to the ground,look far into the distance because your best clients are coming directly to you. These 8 steps will attract new clients to your business on and off line These steps are practical and logically easy to implement, You will […]

Does Your Business need a Tagline?

Does Your Business need a Tagline? According to Wikipedia, the definition of a Tagline is a small amount of text which serves to clarify a thought for, or designed with a form of, dramatic effect. Many tagline slogans are reiterated phrases associated with an individual, social group, or product. As a variant of a branding […]