What Is Your Brand Positioning Statement

“What do you do?” It’s a simple question, one that we all get asked all the time. Have you ever met someone at a party or networking event that seemed unsure when you asked what they did for a living?

What impression did that leave on you? This makes people seem insecure and untrustworthy. I was a networking event recently and i asked a women what she did, when she was telling me, she dropping her head back, squeezed her eyes together and opened them when she was done, at first i thought nothing of it, but then i noticed she did it every time someone asked her what she did.  This was obviously an unconscious reaction to the question of ‘what do you do’

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This is why it is essential that you develop a powerful brand positioning statement. 50% of small businesses fail within the first year. Over the course of five years that number leaps to 90% or higher. You can’t afford to be vague in your business.

This is where a powerful brand positioning statement can help.

Your brand positioning statement is your opportunity to captivate a potential customer or client. Without it, you will lose business. When you lose a potential customer you are not just losing a sale. You are losing a relationship. A compelling brand positioning statement opens the door to create a lasting relationship with each customer. This means multiple sales and referrals for you.
Your brand positioning statement shows you are an industry leader. By carefully crafting your positioning statement you have the power to demonstrate your expertise. This sets you apart from competitors in a major way. In order to create an ideal brand positioning statement you have to know:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What services do you provide well?
  • How are you unique within your market?

Most businesses never learn how to show their customers that they understand their needs. That is why they fail. When you understand your audience you can create a brand positioning statement that will captivate them immediately. Your positioning statement lets them see that you understand them. It gives them a reason to ask for more. This is your opportunity to shine. Customers no longer want do business with companies they don’t know. Customers want to know what is unique about each service provider. Your brand positioning statement allows you to show how you are unique among your competitors. It demonstrates that you have thought about your client’s specific needs.

Get to know your target audience. Show them that you can provide the best services that will address their specific needs. Don’t let your business come across like the insecure person at a party. Develop your brand positioning statement. Be in the 10% of businesses that flourish.

We can get you there.

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