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About Me
How I Went From Being a Support Worker To Owning My CQC Registered Supported Living Business

I worked hard to get my degree in Criminal Justice and policing and decided on a career in social care, managing a hostel for teenage parents. My husband worked as a long distance lorry driver, which meant getting up at the crack of dawn and going to bed too early for an adult. Little did I know what was to come!

We were getting by ok. I moaned a bit about how little I saw of my husband, and the work I was doing sometimes was a bit full on, but one day, I saw clearly what was happening to my life…

As he walked through the door, just home from work I saw my husband was shaking like a leaf! I asked him “what’s wrong?” At first he hesitated. Then he told me he had fallen asleep at the wheel and was only a few feet from death as he jammed his feet as hard as he could on the brakes to avoid running into the back of another truck.


I wanted to actually see and spend time with my husband, knowing he was not risking his life every day to put food on the table. And I realised I was unfulfilled. I wanted to express my creativity and live life on my own terms!

So we stayed up into the early hours of the morning, and came up with a plan to start our own business and I became a full time entrepreneur a few weeks later, back in 2013.

We started a garment printing business and I went door-to-door, selling printed and embroidered uniforms. I sold to manufacturing companies, restaurants, hair salons, in fact… to anyone that needed branded uniforms.

We rebranded to Perfect Print ShirtsI walked the streets every day selling, yep with my hair like this lol, but you know what, we did pretty well without having a website, flashy business cards, we were making over £4500 per month, which was more than what my husband and I were earning combined, in our full time jobs, we were doing a lot of work but it was worth it, because we had our own business.  I was doing traditional advertising, like cold calling, going to networking events 3 times a week.  It was worth it, because we made a name for ourselves, and didn’t have to compete with larger garment printing company’s. We were exactly the same as them but our because our customers brought from us, because of our humour and just because they liked us and I was a little cheeky.  Can you imagine a short curly hair girl,wearing, jeans, hoodie and trainers with no reputation at the time, walking into big manufacturing company’s, selling our embroidered uniforms, which cost substantially more than other company’s and getting the sales.  It makes me laugh just thinking about it.


Fast Forward, 

Out of desperation, I stayed up every night until 2 or 3 in the morning learning how to create a website.  I invested in a mentor and several mastermind groups and online resources, and eventually mastered the art of personal branding, online marketing and SEO.

Within a month we were on the first page of google for our chosen keywords, and we began to make real sales directly from Google, Facebook and Twitter.

And, business owners I met started to ask me how I managed to sell online…

I started consulting small business owners on how to sell their services, have sales conversations that convert,  deigned their websites, create their personal brand and how to generate leads online. I was consulting  and coaching for 6 years, butttt…, I began to miss working with people that were vulnerable so in 2019 I decided to start my own Supported Living Service. Prosperity Housing Group which provides care and support with people who have personality disorders, eating disorders and a range of complex mental health needs.  We support them to overcome obstacles, maximise their potential, fulfil their purpose and have a prospering internal state.

I had the desire to start a social business where I can help people with mental ill health to get well. I believe that when you help one person the entire community benefits. 

I love serving and supporting people to improve their health and opportunities.


Are You In the Business Of Helping People?

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I want to help you, help more people that have a social conscience to set up a Supported Living Business that has a social purpose. To help vulnerable people to live better, healthier, and happier lives.

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What makes us different?

We help new businesses register with CQC for the first time and as well the procurement of local authority contracts.

We use our personal experience as providers and expertise to support you on this rewarding journey to setting up your own CQC Registered Supported Living Service.


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