Maybe your work full-time or have other business and would like our team to develop the business model for you

This is what you will achieve when we set up your Living Service for you..

  • The Consultancy will carry out an initial meeting setting out who the target market will be and will decide on the name of the business and agree the proposed pathway for the business customers recovery and or support
  • The Consultancy carry out market research and identify all potential customers including anticipated levels of income from each customer and include such information within a business plan which shall also include a cash flow forecast.
  • The Consultancy will carry out checks to determine if your property stock is suitable for the type of support agreed in Consultancy Service and that it complies with the Local Authorities current or proposed amenity standards.
  • The Consultancy will contact The Local Authority, NHS, Social Services to confirm that they would be able to work with the proposed business and with the properties provided by the Client.
  • The Consultancy out criteria checks in respect of the suitability of the property and the tenant type agreed in Consultancy Services  for example the proximity of local schools in the vicinity of the Clients properties being compatible with the tenant type.
  • The Consultancy will prepare a report of all potential business set-up costs that the Client will expect to pay during the set-up phase of the business.
  • The Consultancy, on behalf of the Client, will apply for the Clients countersigned DBS via the Care Quality Commission (CQC) website which normally takes about 10 days to be processed.
  • The Consultancy will advise the Consultancy on any adaptations or additional facilities required to the Clients properties to suit the needs of the agreed tenant or customer type.
  • The Consultancy will recommend new business policies and procedures and employment policies and procedures including support plan, risk assessment, statement of purpose and all supporting documents in full compliance with the CQC and any other organisations including, but not limited to the NHS, Environment Agency and Local Authority.
  • The Consultancy will prepare the registered managers job description and specification and, before progressing with advertisement of the vacancy, will seek approval from the Client before processing of the advertisement. The vacancy will be advertised on the internet and the Client will pay all fees and expenses associated with such advertisements.
  • The Consultancy, in collaboration with the Client, will conduct the interview and selection process in accordance with all current employment legislation. This process will follow an initial telephone interview and if a potential candidate for the role is identified the Consultancy will carry out a face to face online.
  • The Consultancy will design and create the company logo, sales brochure and website including all content. All advertisement literature will be prepared in accordance with current sales and marketing legislation.
  • Upon appointment of the registered manager by the Consultancy, the Consultancy will commence the CQC application process. 
  • Upon completion of the CQC application the Consultancy will advise the Client on the CQC telephone interview process and will monitor the 12-week process of the application.
  • The Consultancy will provide the information to present to the council to agree the rent to be paid for each service user.
  • The Consultancy will price the care services to ensure the Client is in profit. 
  • The Consultancy will coach the Client on how to market the business to The Local Authority and near-by local authorities and social services so that the client should receive referrals 
  • The Consultancy will carry out all marketing of the business, commence the marketing process and will contact The Local Authority and near-by local authorities and social services that you will be opening.
  • The Consultancy will complete the DPS application for one Local Authority 
  • The duration of all services from conception is approximately 6 months. The Consultancy will check in with the Client via email or telephone at least once a week with progress updates during the full process.