The Ugly Truth About Launching [Part 2]


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The Ugly Truth About Launching [Part 2]

So yesterday I delivered you a bit of a truth-smackdown about the marketing budget that you need to pull of a successful launch.

If you missed it?

Then a quick summary…

Launching is EXPENSIVE. Without a huge list, you’ll probably have to spend thousands of pounds to ensure your success. And if you’re not already bringing in consistent $10k+ months? Then it’s a gamble that you can’t afford.

Today, we’re talking about the team that I had behind me during my hugely successful Sales in 6 Mastery launch.

We’ve already discussed the various different things that you need to have in place…

Facebook Ads
Landing pages
Compelling copy

The list could go on and on and on.

Because I was already creating a very consistent, high monthly income… I could afford to outsource these tasks to the very BEST people.

And that took away much of the ‘gamble’ aspect.

So at each stage of the process, we took away as much of the risk as possible.

We had killer ads, a killer follow-up process, and everything was well and truly under control.

And here’s the thing…

If I didn’t have a very consistent and reliable monthly income from selling premium packages to my one-to-one clients?

Then there’s no way that I could have afforded to work with these experts.

I only work with the BEST people…

And the best people often come with the highest fees!

But they played a BIG part making the launch the huge success that it was.

So if you think that you’d like to launch a big group programme at some point?


They can be AMAZING for your business…

But bringing in $10k+ per month from your one-to-one work, by enrolling premium clients, is the prerequisite that you need right here.
This is when you can safely invest the cash into making your launch happen, and you can also do it with a team of people beside you who will make the whole thing MUCH less stressful.


P.S. Tomorrow, I’m going to talk about the one skill that’s absolutely ESSENTIAL if you want to launch…

Or for that matter, enroll any clients whatsoever.

It’s the big thing that too many people miss, but it’s the foundation of everything else.

See you then!

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