The Ugly Truth About Launching [Part 1]


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The Ugly Truth About Launching [Part 1]

So I sat down to write you a blog telling you everything that you need to know before you go anywhere near a launch process.

The reality of what it REALLY takes, what you need to have in place to make it a success, and the big fat mistakes that you need to avoid like the plague.

Before I knew it though, this blog had spiralled out of control.

You see, I’ve got a LOT to share with you about launching, and I’m committed to telling you the TRUTH.

Warts and all.

So over the next 3 days, I’m going to be giving it to you straight.

Because to be honest? I’m sick and tired of people being fed misleading information and outright LIES about 5 & 6-figure launch processes that just WON’T work for the vast majority of solopreneurs.

If you’ve tried to launch and found the whole thing absolutely exhausting, and worst of all, didn’t have much to show for it at the end, then I GET YOU.

I’ve lost count of the amount of times that I’ve heard people say this.

For sure, there’s a point in your business when launching absolutely IS a great strategy…

But it’s not the key to riches that you might like to think it is.

So for today, let’s talk about the MARKETING BUDGET that you need to create a successful launch.

If you don’t have thousands of people already on your email list?

Then you absolutely WILL have to spend cash on paid advertising.

>>>Let’s consider the figures here for a minute…

Suppose you want to make $20k on your launch, and you’re selling a programme priced at $1k. So that’s 20 places you need to sell to reach your goal.

And let’s suppose that you’re selling via a webinar.

You can expect to convert 5% of live attendees into buyers if you’ve got a STRONG pitch, and a very carefully crafted offer.

That means you’d need 400 live attendees on your session, which also means that you’d need around 700 sign-ups. Because some people will forget, and some will decide they’re just not interested enough anymore to dial in. That’s just life.

So 700 sign ups… What does that mean in terms of the cash you need to spend on your Ads?

Let’s assume $7 per sign up, which is fairly standard.

That’s a $4,900 spend on advertising to reach your goal.

If you don’t have money like that to comfortably invest in your business, then it’s basically just a lottery.

Because throughout this whole process, we’ve had to make a whole load of ASSUMPTIONS.

  • We’ve assumed that you have a faultless pitch, for a very carefully crafted offer.
  • We’ve assumed that you can create compelling Facebook Ads that attract a ton of clicks.
  • We’ve assumed that you can create a highly converting landing page.
  • We’ve assumed that you can deliver a quality webinar session that has people tuning in right until the very end.

And if you’re lacking in ANY of these areas?

Then your spend is likely to be much HIGHER, and your returns are likely to be a lot LOWER.

So many variables, and so much potential for things to flop.

In a very grand and expensive manner.

And listen up, here’s the truth here about MY launch of Sales in 6 Mastery…

It was, to a certain extent, a GAMBLE…

These things ALWAYS are.

But I’d lessened the risk in some very sensible ways…

I had a team of experts working with me. I knew that I had the ability to SELL. And I also had the cash available to take an element of risk…

ALL of these things were a direct result of getting down in the trenches with one-to-one work.

Your one-to-one work MUST come before you try to launch.

If you don’t have a consistent and very reliable $10k+ per month coming in?

It is absolutely NOT the time to launch.

You’ve got serious work to do before you get to that stage.


P.S. Tomorrow, I’m going to be telling you about my team, and how the played an important role in my launch.

Can you do all of this on your own?

Well, it’s probably not impossible.

But it’s MUCH easier (and much more profitable) when you have the right people behind you.

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