These Are The REAL Reasons Why You Aren’t Selling Premium Packages

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These Are The REAL Reasons Why You Aren’t Selling Premium Packages

If you’ve been here for a little while now, then you’ll already know that I’m pretty passionate about you creating your premium package, so you can enroll all the best clients with joy, confidence, and ease.

So what I want to know is…

Why are you not already doing it?

Maybe you think that you don’t have time to completely change your business model.

Maybe you’re telling yourself that it’s something you’ll focus on next year.

Maybe you’re waiting for the stars to align.

More often than not though, there are a few big reasons why you’re REALLY resisting this…

(And it has nothing to do with any of the above).

1: You refuse to see that SELLING is actually HELPING

‘But I want to be able to HELP people, and not everyone can afford premium rates’.

Have you said that before?

The reality here is that you can’t possibly help everyone.

By charging premium rates, you’re protecting your own energy and time, and you’re also ensuring that you’re only working with the kind of go-getters who will take ACTION on what you show them, and

Seriously, you only want to work with investment minded people. The alternative will keep you broke, and burn you out.

2. The thought of enrolling those high-ticket clients is practically giving you palpitations

So you’re fairly comfortable with the idea of a premium package, in the sense that you KNOW that your expertise is worth way more than what you’re charging right now.

But when it comes to getting quality prospects on the phone and enrolling them?

You break out into a cold sweat. Your heart starts to race. You can’t imagine having a conversation like that, and definitely not one that ended well.

The secret here?

>>>You need an enrollment PROCESS. You need a sales script. You need to go into every single conversation with your own proven formula for what works, and what will convert.

This way, it’s NOT stressful. It’s simply a structured conversation that get you AND your prospect the desired result.

I can help you to craft your very own script, but more on that in a second…

3. You have no idea where to start

Maybe you’re thinking ‘Listen Petra, I want to do this and I can completely see how this could TRANSFORM everything about my business, but I don’t know where to EVEN BEGIN!’

If that sounds like you?

Hey, I get it.

Crafting your premium offer in a way that it can hardly do anything else but fly off your virtual shelves is an art, and a science.

If it was just a case of telling everyone that you’re now charging $3k+, and they instantly jumped in and bought from you, then every woman and her cat would be doing it.

If you have the determination to grow your business with premium packages, but you simply need a ROADMAP that will get you there, then let’s talk.

We can discuss where you are right now, what your key challenges are, and whether we might be a good fit to work together.

I’ve got slots available in my diary for this week.

Go here to book your call:


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