Do Not Do This Before You Hit $10k Months

Do not do this before you hit $10k months

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Do Not Do This Before You Hit $10k Months

I’m on a mission to challenge the notion that if you want to build your business online, you should be creating passive income streams.

I see WAY too many coaches and mentors telling you that it’s the only way, that it’s the key to riches, and that it’s really simple and straightforward to create cash in your sleep.

The reality?

It’s not.

It’s tough.

To get any kind of traction with passive income streams, you need a large audience, an established and well-known brand, and a substantial budget for paid advertising.

But this doesn’t mean that I recommend that you NEVER leverage your expertise and make an escape from the one-to-one work.

Once you hit $10k months?

THIS is the point when you should be considering passive income. But not a single second before this stage.

Here’s why…

1. You need to make money

That’s the reality here. You have bills to pay. And it’s MUCH easier to sell just a few packages at $3k, than it is to sell hundreds of solutions at a low price point. Take the path of least resistance to get money coming into your business, fast.

2. Working one-to-one with clients gets them the best possible results

No one ever does anything with low-ticket e-books. Getting some tangible results for your clients will build your confidence, and create a small base of raving fans who will recommend you and send other people your way.

If you want to make a difference? One-to-one work is the only way to go right now.

3. Once you hit $10k months, you have a bit of breathing space

When you’ve got some decent money coming into your business, you can start to think strategically about how to leverage your time. At this point, you can carefully assess how you can take your own signature service and bring it to more people.

But if you’re trying to do this when you’re broke? You’ll probably end up looking a bit desperate.

>>>So right now, if you’re eager to elevate your earnings, this is what I’d suggest…

Put those passive income plans on the back burner.

Focus on enrolling just a few high-end clients, by crafting your premium package.

Get some MONEY coming into your business.

This is how you build momentum, fast.

You can do it in just 6 weeks, when you have a little determination and tenacity, and access to a foolproof blueprint.

If you want my help?

Book in a discovery call with me, and we can talk about how to make this work in YOUR business.

Go here to get your slot:


P.S. My diary is filling up fast, so if you’re serious about enrolling more clients?

Don’t wait around with this.

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