Even Smart Coaches Make These Mistakes


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Even Smart Coaches Make These MISTAKES  Closing Techniques: POWERFUL Objection Handling Techniques

Most sales experts who you see online will tell you a story about how they used to be RUBBISH at selling, before they unearthed some secret strategy that finally gave them the breakthrough that they were looking for.

I’m a little different.

I’ve already told you the story about how I used premium packages to enroll clients with joy, confidence, and ease, even when I was first getting started.

The truth is that selling has always come naturally to me…

[Which might make you hate me a little bit!]

But this is one of the big reasons why I started this business in the first place.

I could see that the one thing that I was VERY good at, was the thing that so many women struggled with.

I wanted to change do something about this, and share my blueprint with them.

I’ve noticed that there are certain BIG mistakes that coaches make, and they keep them broke and frustrated.

So let’s have a look at them…

1. Believing that raising your rates is the secret to big success

You’ve heard time and time again that you need to raise your fees. And you probably do need to. But if you’re struggling to enroll clients right now, you can’t expect to just change the price tag and turn things around.

The key isn’t just how much you charge.. It’s what you actually sell. People don’t want an hour of your time. They want RESULTS. This is why you need a premium package… It’s exactly how you show your prospects how you’ll create big change for them.

2. Having no real clue what you do, or who you do it for

Take a quick look through your online content. Is it absolutely crystal clear who you help, and who you do it for? Being a business coach, or a life coach, isn’t going to cut it. Your whole brand should very clearly communicate exactly what you’re all about.

You can’t help everyone, and trying to do so is exactly what will stop you from helping ANYONE. Including yourself!

3. Winging it on discovery calls

Do you find yourself letting your prospects take control of the conversation? Do you dread getting to the part where you talk about money? Do you hear the same old objections time and time again… Like ‘I need to think about it’, or ‘I don’t have the money’?

Discovery calls are a crucial part of your client enrollment process, and they DON’T have to be difficult! But you absolutely must be able to take the lead, and leave your prospects with no doubt about the fact that they NEED to work with you.

In most cases, fixing these three things will lead to huge breakthroughs in your business.

If, of course, you know how to do it right.

In Sales in 6 Mastery, I’ll be guiding you right through how to fix these mistakes, fast.

The doors are opening soon, and you can get your name on the waiting list so you’re the first to know when enrollment is open.

Places filled up quickly last time, so there won’t be time to waste if this is speaking to you.

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