‘CLIENT LOVE ‘Petra Is The Best Business Decision I’ve Made’

carolyn_chebaro_founder_of_global_face_marketing client testimonial

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‘Petra Is The Best Business Decision I’ve Made’

This is what  Carolyn Chebaro, Founder of Global Face Marketing said after we completed our mini VIP day together

Ready to book your VIP day with me?

Maybe you KNOW that you absolutely need to work with me this year, but you’re not quite sure what a VIP day actually is.

I feel ya!

There’s a ton of jargon online, and sometimes you just have to call a spade a spade and get down to the nitty gritty.

My VIP days are straightforward in their premise, but transformative in their outcomes.

This is how it works…

You work with me, via Skype, for a half-day session.

Just you and me, so you have full and complete attention on YOUR business.

During that time, we’ll cover EVERYTHING you need to enroll high-end clients with joy, confidence, and ease.

We’ll unearth your zone of genius, and we’ll work out EXACTLY what is that you’re going to be known for from this point forwards…

From there, we craft your premium package. This will be your signature offer that gets awesome results for your clients, and gets them that outcome that they came to you for. We’ll also price it a PREMIUM level, so you can get paid what you really deserve, and get all of the BEST clients.

And finally, we’ll move on to create your client enrollment process.

If you struggle to book discovery calls, or to close them? Then this is going to totally change the game for you. You’ll leave with a detailed script so you know precisely what to say on the phone to get an instant YES!

Many of my clients first come to me saying that they HATE selling on the phone. They hate having the money conversation, and they’re sick of hearing ‘I need to think about it’, or ‘I don’t have the money’.

Once we’re done? You’ll never have to feel like that ever again.

During this time, you get FULL access to all of my knowledge, my tools, my scripts, and anything else that you might need to know.

So… Are you a VIP?

Click here to get the full lowdown, and book a time to talk:



P.S. Have you ever thought about running your very own VIP days for YOUR clients?

I absolutely LOVE working with my clients in this way.

They get results for people, FAST, and they attract savvy action takers who are fully committed to diving in and doing the work.

Once you know what your signature offer is, and you can enroll clients easily and consistently?

Running you own VIP days is a serious option that you might want to pursue.

Here’s that link you need to talk with me:



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