How To Promote Your Membership Site and Create More Revenue

How To Promote Your Membership Site and Create More Revenue

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How To Promote Your Membership Site and Create More Revenue

Duration:      52:54

Guest:          Mike Morrison

Mike Morrison is a Membership Site Expert and one half of The Membership Guys.

In this episode, Mike is sharing with us “How to create more revenue from your membership site?”

In this episode, Mike answers to my questions about:

  • How can we actually increase revenue from our membership site, and why is it such a powerful way on assets to build our authority?
  • Before creating a membership site, do you need to build their credibility and audience first?
  • Would it be better to create a membership site that is focused on a specific aspect?
  • Is there a difference between online course and a membership site?
  • Should it be a lifetime membership program or monthly fee?
  • What is the best way to acquire customers and how to retain them?
  • Do majority of members come from podcast?
  • What can we add to upsell?
  • What should be the pricing strategies and how to charge?

Mike shares the following tips with us in this video:

  • Doing a research before creating a membership site.
  • You need to have a following.
  • You need to have a one-on-one coaching.
  • You need to have a signature program that gives you your unique element.
  • Retention is more important than acquisition.
  • You need to be visible to the audience.
  • Make the membership the central point of your business.
  • Better to charge in U.S. dollars.

You can connect with Mike here:




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