How To Have A Profitable Coaching Business

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How To Have A Profitable Coaching Business and Create a Full-Time Income


Guest: Deji ‘DJ’ Sobanjo

Deji ‘DJ’ Sobanjo is the founder of Profit from Coaching.

In this episode, we are discussing about “How to create a profitable coaching business and create a full time income and how to stay in profit?”

DJ answers to my questions about:

  • How he started coaching and why he is passionate about helping coaches make profit?
  • How he used his skills and transitioned into coaching people?
  • What are the tips to get the first client?
  • What are the coach’s dilemmas?
  • What is his recommendation to people who are in this dilemma and develop the mindset to coach?
  • What can be 5 tips to remain in profit?

DJ shares with us the following:

  • How he started his own marketing business along with his passion for helping people.
  • His struggles being in the corporate world and at the same time coaching people.
  • His first experience with a client who paid for his coaching.
  • How to be compensated for your values and skills.
  • To build a mindset that when you bring value to market and can make a difference, you deserve to get paid.
  • How to introduce yourself to the client.
  • The dilemma of the reality and dream and passion of doing a job.
  • There needs to be a transformation and needing to be in an environment.

DJ gives the following tips to remain in profit:

  • Discovering self and showing you who you are.
  • Defining community as community is the key thing for consistency.
  • Growing the community.
  • Serving your community.
  • Upgrading yourself and copywriting your content.

You can connect with DJ here:





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