10 Closing Techniques: POWERFUL Objection Handling Techniques

10 Closing Techniques: POWERFUL Objection Handling Techniques

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10 Closing Techniques: POWERFUL Objection Handling Techniques


Guest:Phil Faulkner

Phil Faulkner is a Network Marketing Trainer and Top UK Sales Coach.

In this episode, Phil is sharing with us “Powerful closing techniques that is going to help sales faster.”

Phil answers to my questions about:

  • Why he loves sales?
  • How did he transition from direct selling to coaching people to sell?
  • What is the definition of selling?
  • What is closing on sales?
  • What is the formula for handling objections?

Phil shares with us the following in this video: 

  • Selling is sharing your ideas and concepts with the customer.
  • Definition of selling is “when 2 people come together and walk a path of mutual agreement.”
  • Selling and closing are 2 different skills.
  • Understanding what objections are and how to take them in a positive way.
  • Need to have a system to handle objections.
  • Agree, respect, and understand the objections.
  • Acknowledge the objections.
  • Questing back the objections.

Phil answers to few objections from our community: 

  • I am not ready to hire a couch, I can do it myself.
  • Too expensive.
  • Do I need to speak to my partner about this?
  • I need to think about it.
  • I have spent my money on X, so I find it just tight right now.
  • What if it does not work?
  • I don’t know if I can do it.
  • I don’t trust myself to follow-through.
  • I invested in the past and it didn’t work out, so now I am skeptical.

You can connect with Phil here: 



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