How To Master Your Mindset To Stay Healthy, Successful in Life and Business


Guest:Flo Bradley

Flo Bradley is a talk show host of Fired Up with Flo at Breakthrough Health and Wellness Solutions, Inc.  She is a wife, has 2 children.  She is known as Wealth and Lifestyle Transformational coach, and she co-hosts with Jonathan Roche.

In this episode, we are discussing about “How to master your mindset to stay healthy and successful in life and business?”

 Flo answers to my questions about: 

  • How mind works as a trap?
  • How mind is a gift for us?
  • How we can detox our mind and revive the gifts we already have in us?

Flo shares with us the secrets of mastering your mindset: 

  • Mind is both a trap and a gift.
  • Mind is a trap for our survival as we have the negative wiring.
  • Magic of belief makes mind a gift.
  • Going through the history of wins.
  • While doing daily to-do’s remember who you already are.
  • By following MESSS exercise that is Movement, Eat, Sleep, Sprit, Service (MESSS).
  • Movement is very important.
  • Eating helps movement.
  • Sleep helps memory.
  • Keeping the Spirit up.
  • Doing Service to others.

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