Your Template For Raising Fees

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Your Template For Raising Fees

Once you make the decision to go premium (and you’ve made that decision, right?), one tricky problem that can come up is how you handle this with your current clients. People who’ve already paid you for your services at some point, so are very familiar with your old fees.

Really, the solution to this is pretty simple and straightforward.

You send them an email telling them about the changes, and you also give them the chance to book in some time with you.

The beauty of this?

They know what’s going down, and they also feel a little bit special.

I’ve made it really easy for you to do this – I’m even giving you the EXACT words to use. Just plug ‘em in, and you’re ready to go…

Hi <name>


I’ve been doing a bit of admin these past few days and I came across the file from when we worked together last year. It reminded me of how much of a great fit we were, and how much you achieved… It was a joy and a pleasure to work with you, so thank you so much for that! I also realised that I almost forgot to tell you that I am revising my rates for the later part of the year. I know… Long overdue, right?

The new rates will take affect from <insert date of new rates>.

To say thank you for being a loyal client though, if you’d like to book in any work before that date, I will be happy to honour the previous rate. That means a BIG saving for you, and also an opportunity to get you focused on those goals that I know you have.


Let me know, and we can create our plan of action.



<your name>




No pressure.

You’ve framed it in a way that shows that this is a GOOD thing for your previous clients, and you’ve also quite possibly paved the way for bringing some cash into your business very quickly.

Send this out, and let me know what happens.



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