How To Position Yourself As a Premium Brand and Charge Premium Rates


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How To Position Yourself As a Premium Brand and Charge Premium Rates


Guest: Audria Richmond

Audria Richmond is a Branding and Marketing Strategist and the founder of Building Big Brands Agency, and it is a popular award-winning web and graphic design branding and marketing consultancy, and her genius lies in her ability to create stunning designs and coach digital entrepreneurs, small business owners, creators and executive leaders, and Industry influences on how to develop a profitable personal brand.

In this episode, we are discussing about “How to position yourself as a premium brand and charge premium rates?”  

Audria answers to my questions about:

    • How she actually started and transitioned to an entrepreneur?  Why is being a premium brand really important and how our viewers can actually do it too?
    • How did she personally premium branded herself?
    • How specific point of view and specific way of doing things have worked out for her.
    • Problems when transitioning online, and the most important cash flow.
    • How do I transfer knowledge of my past job into my current business?
    • How did she find her first high-end client?
    • How to attract clients?
    • What is the tip to position yourself as a premium brand straight away?
    • What if a person fears and cannot guarantee results?

Audria shares the following points on how to be a premium brand: 

    • How she wanted her photography to be published.
    • How she transitioned to online marketing and how she launched herself online.
    • Being confident about your abilities.
    • Being comfortable about to be different.
    • Understanding how recurring revenue work?
    • Writing down all your skills and choosing the skills that are needed for your current brand.
    • Putting yourself in like-minded people environments.
    • Being honest and transparent with clients.
    • Understanding that you can be a premium brand and not for everybody.
    • Knowing boundaries and expectations and knowing you could deliver results.
    • Getting client’s trust to follow your way of doing things.
    • Challenge the norm, quit being average.

You can connect with Audria here:

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