8 Ways To Attract Your New Best Clients

8 ways to Attract Your New Best Clients

Keep your  peeled, and ears close to the ground,look far into the distance because your best clients are coming directly to you.

These 8 steps will attract new clients to your business on and off line

These steps are practical and logically easy to implement, You will become a Client  Magnet in no time

Step One: This one is a must and can’t be passed on, GET to know who you are targeting faster than fast.

Before you begin any marketing, you must find your target audience. Do your research and discover who your products or services can help the most. Without a clear understanding of exactly who you’re targeting, your marketing will not be effective.

Narrow down, pleeesse, you can’t sell to everyone, when you have a niche you will attract more long-term clients, and because your a specialist service you’re able to charge more.

Step Two: What do you clients want Emotionally and Logically

Once you’ve identified your best target audience, it’s time to learn what they really want, what they really really really want. What do they dream of accomplishing? What keeps them awake at night? WHAT’S THEIR PAIN

There’s no point in marketing your products if you aren’t sure what your target market wants. Here’s a key concept: people buy what they want, not what YOU think they need. Get to know your market and you’ll find making sales much easier.

Step Three: Package What You’re Offering Toward Desired End Results

Understanding your market allows you to package your products so they get the results they desire.  The closer you get to that desired end result, the better you’ll do in business. This is definitely the way to go if you’re a life coach, business coach or healer, because you can offer packages that range from 3-12 months, depending on your clients needs.

When you’re really tuned into the needs of your target market, you’ll experience the rush of your target market chasing you down for your service. You’ll stop having to chase people to make sales because your clients will see that you understand them and that you’re on the same page, and that’s what will make them buy from you.

Step Four: Create an Irresistible Offer

What, exactly, are you delivering with your products, and what must the client give in return? To be effective in marketing, you need to be able to answer that question in one sentence. ‘within 10 days i will help you to loose 10 pounds’

You don’t want to give anyone the opportunity to say no to you, because you wont give them room to. They will rush and grab your offer “

Step Five: Go Find Your Target Audience

Where do your ideal clients hang out, are they in discussion forums? What do they read? Which social media groups are they in.

If you’ve done good market research in the previous steps, you’ll already know the answers. Now, go out there and make your irresistible offer to them in ads, talks, comments on group and make that sale

Step Six: Follow-up Follow-up Follow Up

Ok,so you have found your market, made an irresistible offer, they haven’t gotten back to you yet, you start sweating and stressing, but it’s cool it happens to us all, but to maximize all the hard work you’ve already done, you must follow-up consistently.

What’s the best way to make sure that happens? By automating and systematizing as much of your follow-up as possible.  Having a good CRM system is great for reminding you to follow up, a great free one is Capsulecrm.

Step Seven: Close the Sale

ASK FOR THE BUSINESS, don’t skate around it, JUST ASK, whether its face to face, phone or skype. Unless money changes hands, or the bank transfer hasn’t been made you’re not really in business.

Whichever way you chose to close, you must give your prospects enough information that they can buy with confidence. Also keep your prospects in the loop, by emailing them, send them newsletters, brochures etc, this will ensure that you have made an impact.

Step Eight: Make Additional Offers

CustomerRetentionThe bulk of your profits are going to be made from additional sales to satisfied customers.  Aim for client retention, once you have sold to them don’t forget them. You’ve already built a relationship with them and they know you can be trusted. Create products you can offer them and they continue to voice their needs to you.

These long-term clients give your business stability, and you’re not out chasing new clients constantly. Learning to make additional offers will keep you in business

I hope that these simple eight steps have given you the confidence to attract new clients and earn more money. Keep doing them, perfect practice makes perfect. Automate as many of your processes as you can, follow up and and offer additional products  and services to your satisfied customers. Schedule a brand clarity session with me

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