5 steps To Get Clarity On Your Brand

5 Steps To Get Clarity On Your Brand

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I know that you have ideas for days, and it’s driving you crazy, and you’re going around in circles and still not getting your expert brand out there. Now is the time to STOP and make a plan. I know you may not like the word plan but to be an expert you need a plan. Start to think of yourself as a brand and not a business, think of the experience that you want to give to your audience and how you can solve their problems. Creating a brand is very intentional and has a purpose. Let’s think about what a brand is, rather than just simply a definition, when you are shopping for products and services there are an infinite number of choices, so how do you make the decision where to spend your money. This is where branding begins to take shape, because it lets buyers know why they should you over anyone else. Strong brands connect emotionally to their customers; they become irreplaceable and create lifelong relationships, so you don’t want to take this lightly. People fall in love with brands, getting clarity on your brand will quicken the process of your audience falling in love with you.

Here are the 5 steps to get clarity on your brand

1. What is your brand about?

First I’d like you to grab a pen and paper and brain dump. Everything you have in your head about your brand write it down, it’s time to brains storm, the best way to think about this, if you are at a networking event and you meet someone and they ask you what do you do, but here is where you need to be very specific. Now this may not be so easy because as an entrepreneur you are passionate about lots of stuff and can do almost anything within reason that you set your mind to, but you need to get it all out of your head on paper. These are all the questions you need to ask yourself
• What can I do for someone
• Why should they follow me
• What is my purpose

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2. What do you always talk about?

Whatever you talk, think and read about every day is what you’re passionate about. Because these are things that dominate your thought processes, excites and energises you. When you know these 3 things you know exactly what your passionate about and then start to craft your message.

3. What is the message that you want to convey to your audience?

Your messages is your brand voice, it’s what you always say, what you stand for. When you know your message, you can then begin to work on your tone, i.e are you funny are you, sarcastic are you persuasive. This is how you begin to be distinguishable by voice and style so your audience immediately recognises you.

4. Who are you speaking to?

Create a customer avatar, which is a fictional character that represents your ideal client,for example, their age, gender, location, do they have kids, what do they earn ext. Doing this brings massive clarity and makes your marketing efforts so more easier because when you post on Instagram, Facebook and twitter, you have your avatar in mind Knowing their pain points.

for example if you are weight loss coach your avatar may be; Sarah 40 years old, she has 2 kids, under the age of 10, she is a life coach, who works from home, her husband has a full time job, Sarah knows that she has piled on the pounds and is concerned about her image she just can’t find the time to go to the gym, cook healthily serve her clients, look after her husband and 2 kids, but knows she has to get her health in order because she is always feeling tired and demotivated.
Do you see how specific your avatar should be, you know her name, age and pain points and you know you have the solutions to her problems.

5. What do you want to be known for?

This is the beauty of entrepreneurship, you decide what you want to be known for remember when I said that branding is intentional, this is exactly what I mean you begin to craft, shape and form your brand. You decide what you want to be known for, you decide how you want to be viewed, because people can only say about you what you put out there, why? Because you put it there. So be very strategic about what you post and your images, because you are creating a picture of who you are and what you stand for.

In today’s highly competitive market, you can’t depend on hope marketing, just posting on your blog and hope for the best. Your content should be instantly recognizable, convey your brand’s core values, and be entertaining, useful and relevant. Clarity on your brand will help you focus and developed your brand and publish your content with confidence.

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