Networking 101 For Introverts

Kelly James is a TEDx speaker & Sales Coach who helps introvert coaches sellout their one on one coaching services by teaching them how he was able to quit his job, build a profitable coaching business using free traffic, free strategy calls and his introvert skills. Along with his TEDx speech,Kelly has built sales teams for fortune 500 companies for over 10 years, helped build his wife’s youtube following to over 100,000+ followers and has been featured in Rolling Out magazine and the Houston Press as an sales expert and influencer.

In this episode, James is sharing with us “Networking 101 for Introverts”

In this episode, James answers to my questions about:
• Is it bad rep for introverts that they are shy that they are quiet?
• How can introvert network, connect with people to build their businesses?
• How he finds the networking events?
• Is there a strategy to approach people in networking events?
• How would an introvert initiate a conversation?
• Speaking engagements just do networking?

James shares the following with us in this video:
• All the introverts are not shy and not quiet.
• There are 2 ways of networking:
• Lead generating option.
• To build business and build relationships with people.
• Make the system as simple as possible.
• To approach people in networking events learn about who is attending the event and know about their background.
• Set a goal to meet the number of people you want to contact.
• Start with a script and have control of your conversation.
• Listen to their conversation being a good listener and reciprocate to their conversation.
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