Lessons From a $70k+ Launch

Lessons from a $70k+ Launch

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Lessons From a $70k+ Launch

My head’s only just about stopped spinning after an absolutely MINDBLOWING launch of Sales in 6 Mastery!

Those few weeks were challenging, exciting, daunting, and one of the best business experiences that I’ve had to date.

Right now, my focus is on giving my new members all the support they need to get out there and enroll premium clients in 42 days or less.

And get this… Someone in the group has ALREADY enrolled a client, before we’ve even officially kicked things off!

It’s easy to be flippant about saying that things can ‘life changing’… But that’s what happens inside that group. Lives get changed.

But let’s consider the cold, hard figures for a minute here.

Hundreds of people joined the 6-Day Premium Package Challenge. 25 amazing women jumped in to work with me. And in total, including the option to upgrade to VIP and get 1:1 time with me, I generated $70k+ in the space of a couple of weeks.

I know that those are some wildly impressive numbers.

But I’m not sitting here up on my pedestal, showing off about how much money I’ve made.

I’m telling you this because there are some vital lessons about what works, what doesn’t, and whether launching is something that you should be considering right now.

So let’s get down to it…

>>>Having a team behind you is essential

You can’t manage a launch on your own. There are too many moving parts, and it’s impossible to keep up. And really… Can you honestly say that you know everything that you need to know in terms of tech, Facebook Ads, copywriting, conversions, social media management, design, and everything in between?

I’m a big advocate of you focusing on your ONE zone of genius. That is what is going to get you paid what you really desire. So when it comes to launching, don’t make the mistake of thinking that you should have all your fingers in all of the pies.

But obviously, you can’t hire just ANYONE. You need to find the right people. I work with premium service providers, because they’re the best that money can buy. But they’re not cheap. So you know what this means? It means that you can’t launch unless you’re financially secure and earning $10k+ a month. Otherwise, it’s a risk that you really can’t afford.

>>>When you know how to sell, you know how to sell

If you can’t sell over the phone, then you’ll also struggle to sell via email, or a sales page, or any other method. The mediums change, but the skills remain the same.

Creating an online programme isn’t the solution that you need if you’re already struggling to grow your business because you can’t have effortless and successful enrollment conversations with clients.

You’d be MUCH better off crafting and selling a premium 1:1 package. Once you’ve done this, and you’ve hit those $10k+ months, this might be the time to start leveraging. But don’t do things the wrong way around.

>>>You really don’t need to be an internet celebrity

Most people in my niche online still don’t know who I am. So if you’re thinking that you need to be some kind of famous guru coach before you can get anywhere, then you’re just plain old wrong.

You don’t have to look, dress, speak, or act a certain way to get all the best clients. You just need to know how to sell, and have a process in place.

>>>Introverts love working with me

I’ve noticed that most of the women who join Sales in 6 Mastery are dedicated introverts. They’ve spent years worrying that this is holding them back, because they’ve got no desire to be the loudest person in the room, constantly demanding everyone’s attention.

I’m an introvert too, so it’s a pleasure to be able to guide these women towards $10k+ months, and show them that they don’t have to sacrifice who they really are.

>>>Leveraged income is awesome… But it’s definitely not passive

I’m not just sitting on a beach right now, sipping on a cocktail and counting all my money. Launching required serious work. And now there’s more work ahead, as I make this the best and most transformative experience possible for my members. Don’t get me wrong… I’m LOVING this journey, and there’s nothing I’d rather be doing.

But launching group programmes isn’t the hands-off key to riches that the gurus will have you believe. In fact, in all honesty, it’s much more time-intensive than serving 1:1 clients. If you go into launching expecting it to be anything other than what it really is, then you’re going to be bitterly disappointed.

I want to repeat something that I say often, because it’s really, really important…

If you’re not earning $10k+ per month right now in your business, then I’d strongly advise you to go nowhere near a launch.

You’re just not at that stage yet.

And launching isn’t what you need to start making consistently good income.

So if YOU have been planning your next steps, what’s the key takeaway here that’s made you rethink your approach?


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