How To Run Your Business Without You Being There

How To Run Your Business Without You Being There

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How To Run Your Business Without You Being There

Duration:  45:52

Tony L Brown is also known as the “The Systems Guy.”  He is a Coach, Author, Speaker, and Trainer, and Tony’s goal is have small business, entrepreneurs to systemize their workflows, reduce their work load, increase their productivity, and profitability.

In this episode, we discuss “How To Run Your Business Without Being There.”  We discuss about systems, productivity, and scalability, and as a solopreneur how do we become slaves to our own business. 

Tony shares how to operate your business remotely and having systems and processes in place to equip and empower other people to run your operations on your behalf.  He talks about burnout and explains that burnout is a result of a potentially successful business being driven by one person.  It is the success of business that causes the burnout.

Tony shares “How to systemize your business to reduce your workload and increase productivity and become more profitable.”

In this episode Tony answers to my questions from his book “Standard Procedures”

  • Clarifies on statement from Chapter 6 that is “Any entrepreneur who claims to have a business but that business is not built on a series of splendid procedures, which allows someone else to pick up and continue the work does not really have a business.”
  • Clarifies about “trying your client not to see you.”
  • Automation of your tasks with system tools.

In this episode Tony gives 5 tips on how we can systemize our business.

  • Outsourcing or hiring someone to do your tasks.
  • Automation of your tasks with system tools.
  • Having your clients not to see.
  • Hiring a virtual assistant to manage your tasks and using the quality time for yourself.
  • Investing yourself and managing people effectively and leading them.

To grab this book, you can click on the below link 

You can contact Tony online on his website in the below link 

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