How To Maintain Happiness In Life and Business

How To Maintain Happiness In Life and Business

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How To Maintain Happiness In Life and Business

Duration:  31:40

In this episode, we are discussing about “How to maintain happiness as an entrepreneur?”

Jules Mitchell is a Professional Giggleologist.  She is the founder of Happy Mums Club and Mums Empowerment Coach.  She is the director of the Community Interest Company, the Big Happiness Experience, emotional resilience, and mindset trainer, and energetic speaker, writer, educational consultant.  Jules has appeared on many TV programs and Magazines.

In this episode, Jules answers to my questions about:

  • How to maintain happiness and overcome any depression being an entrepreneur?
  • Why should we put self-care as top priority?
  • Why many women entrepreneurs feel guilty about giving first priority to self, not their children?

Jules shares us the secrets of maintaining happiness as:

  • Making happiness, self-care, and self-maintenance as top priority.
  • Making a choice everyday of things that talk you up.
  • Understanding that it is not being selfish as keeping self-care as the top priority.
  • Feeling guilt is a harmful thing even physically.
  • Laughing is the best way to neutralize it.
  • Making a “To-Be list” to what you want to feel today.
  • Writing down goals with answers for the questions what should I do? and why should I do?

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