How To Develop a Wining Mindset For Success In Life and Business

Duration:      33:54

Guest:          Words Taylor

Words Taylor is a spoken word and a paid motivational speaker and a poet.

In this episode, Words is sharing with us “How To Develop a Wining Mindset For Success In Life and Business?”

Words shares:

  • How he transitioned to help people and motivate them?
  • How do we create the winning mindset and how to navigate through that?
  • How he took the personal responsibility?
  • How can we express anger that does not hurt others?
  • What is mindset unleashed and how do we do that?
  • What is your opinion on comparison syndrome?

Words shares the following with us in this video:

  • How he started his poetry.
  • You have the right to feel emotions like mourning, feeling hurt, anger.
  • Mindset starts with the self-evaluation.
  • You need to be heard.
  • Do not be around people when you are angry.
  • To unleash your mind start getting to a habit of telling how great you are.
  • Do not mimic others and create your own identity.

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