How To Answer The Objection: ‘ I’m speaking to other people’

How to handle the objection 'I need to speak to other people'

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How To Answer The Objection:
‘ I’m speaking to other people’

If you saw my post on Facebook over the weekend, you’ll already know that I’ve got some straight-up FIRE to share with you over the next couple of weeks.

You see, I made the commitment to revealing the exact reasons why people don’t buy from you…

        • Why you keep hitting objection after objection when you jump on a discovery call…
        • Why you get off the phone time and time again thinking ‘I definitely ALMOST had that nailed…’

(But you know that ALMOST isn’t going to get you paid)…

So you can pinpoint the exact and precise problems that are at play, and more importantly, you can do something about them.

Discovery calls don’t have to be a traumatic experience.

You don’t have to get off them feeling like you’ve failed.

You can absolutely hear a consistent YES when you speak with your prospects.

And this is what I’m here to show you.

>>>So this week, let’s talk about a common objection that SO many people tell me that they’re hearing…


Urgh, right?

I mean, what exactly do you say to that?

Some days you might want to scream ‘BUT I CAN HELP YOU SO MUCH BETTER THAN THEY CAN!”

Or if you’ve had a bad week, you might just feel like saying “YEAH FAIR ENOUGH, THANKS ANYWAY”

The thing is, hearing this from your prospects doesn’t have to mean that it’s game over.

But if you DO just let them go away and speak to that other person, and then ‘get back to you’?

Then you already know that you’re probably not going to hear from them again.

Even if the other person doesn’t have exactly what they want…

Even if this is just a white lie that they’re telling you anyway while they think things through…

You know that life will get in the way.

The solution to this problem is actually two-fold.

In this free video training that I’m sharing with you today, I’m going to tell you exactly how you avoid people saying this in the first place – and precisely what you should say when you hear it.

What I really want you to understand is that “I’m speaking to other people” does NOT have to mean GAME OVER.

You just need to know how to prevent it happening, and then what to say if it does happen.
This training will help you with both of these things

Post your takeaways in the comments

Petra xx

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