How To Get Your Website Found in Google

How To Get Your Website Found In Google

This is a common question that small business owners and entrepreneurs ask.  So I’m going to show you free and easy ways to get your website found in google, which will create authority and visibility of your brand. Its not good to have a brand spanking new shiny website if no one is going to find you, that is just a pure waste of the money that you spent on it.

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Here are the 5 ways of how to get your website found in google

1:Google webmaster tools

Google webmaster tools is a free service offered by google.  It helps you to monitor and maintain your website in google search results. Google webmaster tools accesses your content and monitors how it performs. It also monitors your website traffic and provides analytics’.

2:Create a google plus business page

When you set up your personal google plus page, you can also set up you business page, which will help you to be found locally.  It’s owned by google, so you definitely want to set one up.  A google plus page helps with rankings and gets indexed by google, that should be enough reason for you to set one up. You can also share your content on your google plus, its a bit similar to a Facebook ‘like’ but it has  ‘1+’ votes . This creates social signals, which have a massive impact on search rankings, increasing your visibility and awareness of your brand.

3: Tag your image files

This powerful tool is often neglected by small business owners even though its most vital.  You know that when you search for something in google, along the top of the search results you will see an image tab, click on it, your images can appear there and this is how you do it. Rather than just uploading an image file called DSC00431, rename it, a name that is relevant to the image or you can use your business name

4: Add a site map

Site maps help spiders crawl your content faster and easier.  Think of it like the content page of a book, it acts like a navigation to your site by including a list of every page on your website, so that a visitor can go straight to a piece of content on your site.  The site map also feeds the search engines your content.

5: Amazing Content

You content can be infographics, written blogs or videos.  Your content can be educational, informative, it must be original and contain the relaxant keywords that you would like your brand to be found for.  Your content should showcase your expert area, valuable and shareable. This is where you should show up and show off your brand to your ideal audience.

Those a few ways that you can get your website found in google.  Some of these tips you can do yourself or you may need a little help from your web designer. These are free tools, not time consuming so you can see how easy it is to get your website found in google and get found by the right audience.

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