5 Tips To Promote Yourself There Is Nothing Shameful About It

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5 Tips To Promote Yourself There Is Nothing Shameful About It

I was asked a question by a member of my Facebook group, about how to promote herself passionately without sounding big headed. This is a question that I get asked all the time, but the real question is,

Who told us that promoting yourself is a bad thing????

I remember when I was about 10 years old I was in a dance group at school, I was always singing and dancing in the playground, and the other kids used to sing “Extra Petra, read all about her” yep i was being teased, because I was always dancing and I loved to dance.

Why was I being teased about something that I was good at? no, i’ll change that, why I was being teased about the thing that I was the best at, yes I was the best dancer and singer at school, lol.

They used to call me extra, a show off and said that I loved to be the centre of attention.

Has anyone ever said these things about you??

The thing is, as adults these thoughts can be still twirling around your head, which frame how you see yourself and the world around you, which is preventing you from promoting yourself.

Who tells us that self promotion negative? and why do we believe it?

Lets change how you think about promoting yourself, firstly, get rid of the term shameless promotion, because there is no shame about telling people what you do with passion and pride.

This thought needs to change because as a Personal Brand, your aim is to create awareness about your brand so that your audience is  intrigued about you, want to know more about you and then buy from you.

You should publicize yourself and your services regularly that’s what self-promotion is.

Think of it this way, you were born with a specific solution to a specific problem, you have a gift to help people,

[tweetthis]If you don’t promote yourself you are doing a disservice to the people that need you.[/tweetthis]

Here are 5 ways for you to promote yourself

· Talk about what you do

Talk about what you do with passion. Tell people why you do what you do and about how you do it. Passion is the key word here. You’re an entrepreneur, your doing something which people may have said that you’re crazy to do. When you talk about what you do you’re letting people know that you’re in business, and you have something to offer, that your changing lives and making an impact in the world. You do this not for your benefit, but for the benefit of your audience, because you’re sharing ideas, you’re inspiring people and even provoking them to action. You are actually helping people when you talk about what you do.

· Blow your own trumpet

Yes, I said it blow your own trumpet, talk about your accomplishments, the challenges that you have overcome. Talk about the great work that you’re doing with your clients. Remember not everyone can do what you do, you are unique, accomplished and awesome and your audience needs to know that. Heck I wanna know that. As your blowing your trumpet, you are going to throw in other aspects of your work too, so that your not sounding boring.

· Stop caring what people think

This is a biggy. Stop thinking about what people may or not think about you, because regardless of whether you promote yourself or not people are still going to have thoughts about you. It’s so important to not care about what people think, because guess what you’re going to be judged about something regardless. Remember I was being judged at 10 years old and even in my teenage years and adulthood, the funny thing is I was being judged about what I’m good at, and now what I make a living from which is helping my clients to create their personal brands so that they can promote themselves, and make a difference in the lives of the people they serve and make money whilst doing it, oh the irony. You’re not living for other people and you’re going to have negative comments when you’re a personal brand, its impossible to please everyone and that is ok. So because people are going to have an opinion about you, talk about what you do and who you are, so that you can help them to form that opinion of you.

· Love your haters

Yep, I said it, love your haters, if you don’t have haters yet, once you start promoting yourself you will. Think of it as a right of passage. Look at this way, when you start to have haters you are making a bigger impact in the world. You are being more visible and may even start to ruffle a few feathers and as a brand that’s what you want. Your aim isn’t to please everyone, your aim is to serve the people that you are called to serve. Haters are great, so love them, they let you know that your’e being visible and heading in the right direction.

· Shine, Shine, Shine

Step out from the shadows, be your authentic self, be the flame in the middle of the room that everyone flocks to, as a bee to honey, turn on your spotlight. When you walk into a room, believe that everyone in that room needs to know who you are, which is a Personal Brand

Which one of these tips  resonated with you?

Please let me know in the comments below.

Do you want to come out from the shadows and let your audience see exactly who you are and what you do, be the client magnet that I know you are inside?

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Petra Foster Personal Branding Expert in Birmingham UK


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