What Donald Trump can TEACH you about Personal Branding in 4 easy steps

Hate him or love him, most entrepreneurs can learn many things about leadership and success from Donald Trump. Trump is a natural born leader who possesses the ability to teach you about personal branding. Although Trump may be outrageous, he has a significant following of people who respect his every word and support his worldviews. We can certainly learn a thing or two just by looking at the way Donald Trump markets himself.  Let’s take a look at what Donald Trump can teach you about personal branding in 4 easy steps.

1. Be yourself:

Prospects like to connect with real people, real companies and the real you. Challenge yourself to be authentic in pitches, sales copies and interactions with prospects. In fact, while prospects definitely like to learn about the products and services of your business, they also like to know the type of business they’re considering as well as all of the individuals behind the company. Being comfortable in your own skin can lead to more business in the long run.

2. Don’t be afraid to stand:

If you have spent a significant amount of time in a specific industry, you need to be familiarized with the industry’s sales and marketing activities. Most competitors do the same thing and have the best processes to increase productivity and lower costs. Now is a good time to offer unique views through social media and start compelling conversations. Donald Trump speaks his mind to people who do and do not like and he won’t be silenced.

3. Resonate through simplicity:

Donald Trump leaves an impact by keeping his messages simple and understandable. The main tendency for most online entrepreuers is to complicate their messages.  Regardless of how complex or innovative your product or service is, write down all the terms that people can understand at a fifth grade level. In practice this is difficult to follow, but it will really sound good. Forget about thinking whether your prospects might be physicians, college educates or rocket scientists. Give the pitch at the ground level using phrases and words that can be comprehended easily by even a 10-year-old. Donald Trump may be ridiculous but he is certainly compelling, and he is able to resonate with his audience through simplicity.

4. Maintain self confidence:

People may think that Trump overplays it, but there is no doubt that Trump’s ego is off the charts and his confidence can remain high while building support. Most of the prospects want to work with the most successful companies and successful people, ridiculous or not. It is necessary to confidently and clearly state the reasons to choose your brand among other top competitors. One of the best ways to distinguish world class performers from the average Joe is self confidence. Needless to say, Donald Trump is the epitome of self confidence. Don’t  care about coming across as arrogant. People will really appreciate and admire your confidence in the company’s ability to meet expectations and they will start to consider you as a serious contender for their own business. By observing an arguably Loony-Toony and certainly controversial leader, a Trump playbook can be very useful in making you more successful in your sales and marketing efforts.

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