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Petra’s Keynotes are High Octane and Inspires You to action

A speaker can make or break your event. If you want to make sure that your attendees walk away with a ton of inspiration, motivation, and actionable points that they can’t wait to implement in their own businesses – and see huge results in a short period of time – then let’s talk.

I’m honoured that you’d consider me as a speaker for your event, and I’m eager to let you know a little more about what you can expect.

Before we get into the practicalities of the what and the where and the why, let’s consider the logistics and what you can expect from me and my team. After all, you want your day to run as smoothly as clockwork, and I play an important part in that. 

This is how I’ll ensure that we get off to the best possible start…

1. You’ll get prompt and professional replies to all communications, via phone or email.

2. Before the event, I’ll personally have a consultation with your team to give me a better understanding of how I can bring the most amount of value to your attendees

3. If you’re looking for extra visibility for your event, then I will promote it via my email list and my social media platforms. If I have clients in your area, I’d also love to invite them to book their ticket.

4. I won’t just leave your audience hanging after my talk. I’ll provide them with custom resources summarising all my key points and takeaways, and point them in the direction of any additional sources of the information that they might need to take big action, quickly, including books, podcasts, and articles.

5. After the event, I’ll personally follow up with your team to ensure that I met your expectations. Feedback is always important to me, and I seek to make every appearance the best that it can possibly be

A little about me…

I’m Petra Foster, and I started my business to save my husband’s life. Back in 2013, I was pursuing a career in social work, whilst my husband worked as a long-distance lorry driver.

We were getting by, making ends meet, and everything appeared to be fine. Until it wasn’t. One evening, he came home shaking like a life, and told me that he’d fallen asleep at the wheel and had been just feet away from a high-speed crash.

That night, we started our business. We built an embroidered workwear company from the ground up, with a lot of knocking on doors, cold-calling, and networking. We hit $6,500 months in next to no time, but there was one big question that I was being asked time and time again…

“Petra, how did you manage to get so good at selling?”

I realised that the one thing that I excelled at was the one thing that was keeping so many people stuck, and seriously broke. And I realised that it was my calling to change that.

So I started consulting with small business owners, teaching them how to create premium personal brands and enroll high-end clients with joy, confidence, and ease.

I created $104,000 in revenue in the first 12 months, and my business has continued to grow and expand ever since.

And now, my husband and I enjoy the life that we intentionally set out to create.

My most requested subjects…

I can talk to corporate and entrepreneurial audiences about all things related to personal branding, high-end client enrollment, and my favourite strategies for creating success in business and life.

I tailor all appearances to meet the exact and precise needs of your attendees, so you’ll never get a canned, off-the-shelf presentation. My goal is to not just inspire your audience, but also give them valuable lessons and action points that they can implement right away.

Here are a few examples of my areas of expertise…

The 6-step blueprint for transitioning to a premium business model

Charging hourly rates or selling low-priced packages are two common strategies that are keeping business owners stuck, and broke. It stops you from creating transformative change for your clients, and it also massively limits your earning potential. I will speak about how to break free from this, and transition to a premium pricing model.

How to enroll clients over the phone, without stress, drama, or hassle

Time and time again, clients come to me feeling anxious and scared about selling over the phone. They’re hearing objection after objection, and rarely manage to close the deal. I will show your attendees how to create their personalised script so they get an instant YES from their prospects, almost every single time.

Why rejection is one of life’s greatest gifts

I believe that rejection is a powerful tool for positive change, and that it’s always a sign that bigger and better things are ahead. I’ll share my own experiences of rejection in business and life, how I handled them, and what they ultimately taught me about success.

How to smash and exceed your goals without ever fitting into a box

I’m not your typical online entrepreneur. I’m a black woman with blond hair (and more often than not, bright pink lipstick and a very colourful outfit). Rather than conforming or ‘toning it down’, I decided very early on that my differences were going to be my selling point. I’ll show your audience how they can achieve their greatest goals in life by embracing what makes them unique.

The next steps…

Thanks for considering me as a speaker for your upcoming event. To find out more and to discuss my availability, click on the button below. I’ll be in touch shortly to arrange a consultation about your needs.

Here are some articles that have been  published and podcasts I have been featured on

Short Bio

Petra Foster is the client enrollment strategist, Founder of the Sales in 6 Mastery Method, which is the 6 step system that eagerly gets your clients to enroll themselves onto your premium coaching programme within 6 weeks or less with joy, confidence, and ease, in 6 weeks or less… Without a huge email list, without a celebrity-style following, and even if you’ve been stuck charging low hourly rates or selling low-end packages for far too long. It’s her mission to show frazzled and frustrated business owners how to scale to $10k+ months without sleazy selling tactics.

Long Bio

Petra Foster is the client enrollment strategist, and the master of selling premium packages. She works with talented and passionate female coaches and consultants to help them to skyrocket their earnings and sell their solutions with joy, confidence, and ease – even if they’ve spent far too long undervaluing themselves, charging low hourly rates, and have struggled to scale to $10k+ months.


Petra earns 6-figures a year from doing the work that she loves, and her clients do the same. She firmly believes that you don’t need a celebrity-style status, thousands of email subscribers, or even a huge social media following to position yourself as the go-to expert who dream clients just can’t wait to work with. She helps women to finally master the art and science of selling, and apply strategies that will guarantee success.

Her 6-step process takes clients through exactly what they need to do to position themselves as experts, make the competition irrelevant, and consistently enroll premium clients. She’s known for taking coaches and consultants from being frazzled and frustrated, to attracting all the high-paying clients they need in 42 days or less.

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