The Top 3 Mistakes That Women Coaches Make When Selling Services

The Top 3 Mistakes That Women Coaches Make When Selling Services

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The Top 3 Mistakes That Women Coaches Make When Selling Services


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Imagine how simple your coaching career would be if each time you spoke with a potential  they said, “Yes when can we get started! How do I pay?” Remember, the easier you make it for your ideal clients to buy from you, the faster you will close the sale and enroll them onto your service. You will make more money and your bottom line will increase. Here are The Top 3 Mistakes That Women Coaches Make When Selling Services 

1: Charging per session

Pricing your services is one of the biggest business decisions that you will need to make. If you are just starting out, consider your pricing strategy before you start. If you are running an established business, make sure to review your pricing structure regularly. You are doing business to make a profit. If you are giving away your services or not making a profit. You are essentially a not-for-profit business (hobby), or your business is going to fail. Getting your pricing strategy right from the beginning will set your brand up to make a profit and make sure you’re taken care of financially.

Charging per session actually is working LESS efficiently, Your clients will cancel anytime, turn up late for session, and not do the work.  Since you’re being paid not for the outcome but for your time, you’ll end up taking more time to do the work. The other problem with charging per session is that you get into a scarcity mindset, where you want to bill for every minute you work on something for a client. And charging for every single thing can get annoying to clients and to you. Building a profitable service based business is built on giving your clients results not by billing every couple of hours.  Your clients pay for your results not your time. Learn more here

2: Thinking your clients can’t afford you

What does it REALLY cost your potential client not to work with you? What will happen in their life or business if they don’t invest NOW? Look at this as an example; you’re a health coach and you help your clients to significantly improve their health, your potential client experiences high levels of stress at work, resulting in her doctor telling her that she has high blood pressure which will lead to heart disease, or work related mental health problems.

The REAL cost to her is that she will be unhappy and unfulfilled, emotionally and spiritually. As a result she will suffer with long term health problems, she won’t be able to have an active lifestyle, play with her children, or be able to work. All of this will have a detrimental effect on her family finances, her entire family and her career will suffer.

That is what it will cost them not to work with you. You can’t put a price tag on that, can you? You can begin to position yourself as a premium brand who your clients will complete an application to work with you.  See how to position yourself so that your ideal clients are happy, willing and able to pay your fees


3 Thinking that you need to start to charge low rates first and when you become well known then increase your fees.

Your clients will pay according to what they perceive your value is. Your Perceived value is how much your clients are willing to pay for your expertise, not how much time you spend providing the service. How you price your services will heavily impact how your business is perceived, both by your customers and your competitors. Think about the kind of clients you want to attract. Do you want to cater for a small group of high-paying customers, or offer a low-cost, one-size-fits-all service? Your pricing positions you in the market as a high value premium brand or a low cost generic brand.

Show every new client you attract, that you can help them to get a real transformation in their life, whilst you are making the impact that you want to make in the world. This real transformation takes place on your high ticket premium signature programme, which is the highest level on which your ideal clients can work with you . Help your potential clients to see themselves working with you at this level, by making your offer so tangible to them, that they can see themselves in their more positive future.

Ready to eliminate these 3 massive selling mistakes that is costing you high end clients?

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