How To Use Periscope?

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How To Use Periscope?

Millions of people worldwide are broadcasting on periscope daily, not sure what broadcasting means, I’ll explain in bit. The thing is some people are unsure of how to use it and thinking is this yet another social media fad, whilst others like me are totally addicted and are in a complete frenzy about it, because they can see how it will gain massive exposure for their brand and build their business.

I’m going to show you how to use periscope for your business

1:What is Periscope?

It is a live streaming app that you download from your phone, you can share your live stream which is called a broadcast with your audience.  Your audience can interact with you whilst you’re streaming by writing comments on your broadcast.

2:Twitter integration

Twitter integrates with Periscope,  turn Twitter sharing on, then your broadcast will be shared with your Twitter followers in a tweet” you can say something like: LIVE on #Periscope: [Video Title] [Link to Video]” so when you broadcast you will be notifying your followers at the same time. Your profile description is linked to twitter, but you can change your profile in periscope by clicking on your profile text and add emoticons and fun stuff about yourself.

3:How to flip your screen

When you’re broadcasting you double tap the screen and the camera then points towards you so your viewers can see your face.

4:How to give hearts

Giving hearts is giving love to the broadcaster, you keep tapping the screen and the hearts appear in the same colour of your profile picture.  Ask your audience to give you hearts.

5:Ask your audience to do something

Give lots of call to actions, you can ask people to join your Facebook group, visit your website.  This way to can stay engaged with them on your other social media platforms.

 6:How to get more followers

Let your community know when you’re going to broadcast, email your list and tell them that you’re scoping and give them your username, post it on your facebook fan page, personal page and groups, so then you’ll have people watching you. Also when you’re watching other expert broadcasts and you see your target market commenting on other peoples broadcasts click on their comment, which which take you to their profile and follow them.

7:Create epic headlines

Headlines are a must to attract your ideal audience, write a compelling headline about what you’re broadcasting about use emoticons, capitals and hashtags.

8:Hashtags, why should you use them?

Use hashtags in your titles because the hashtags will also be seen on twitter

9:Tag your location

Periscope can show you’re location when you turn on location settings, I know that some people may be a bit concerned about this. But think of it this way, if you have a local business, you can connect with people in your area and build relationships.

10: Write down your details

When you’re sharing your website, or if you have a Facebook groups, write them down on a piece of paper  and show it to your audience when you’re broadcasting this will allow them to write it down.

11:Restart your broadcast

People will join you at different times, whilst you’re broadcasting, so re-introduce yourself and say what you are broadcasting about. This way no one misses out and you’re acknowledging new people that are joining you.

12:Block people

Not everyone is positive unfortunately, if anyone is offensive or just being plain rude, you can click on their comment and block them so you don’t have to interact with them anymore, i’ve blocked 4 people so far..

 So why you should use periscope

If you’re in business, you should definitely be scoping, because you will get massive exposure for your brand and be seen as a leader in your industry, and gain loyal followers quickly, just by sharing your expertise giving value to your audience.  You can have daily topics related to your business, life, hobbies, and give contests. Your videos last for only 24 hours so it creates urgency for your audience to view your videos daily.  I watched a women who broadcasted herself painting whilst being naked, a man doing a 100 push-ups daily challenge, experts on how to grow your business, Snoop Dog in concert even a man eating a Wendy’s burger in his car, lol, and so much more.  You can literally broadcast about what you want for however long you want. I have had people join my Facebook group and I often promote other peoples brands on periscope.

I would love to watch your broadcasts, I broadcast daily bout all things to do with branding, marketing and you may see my cat Kendall, she likes to put in an appearance  my username is @petra_foster please post your username below and I’ll be sure to follow you.


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