How to leave money of the table and PROFIT

People are in the habit of doing to the same thing, doing what everyone  else does, saying what everyone else says and trying to please everyone. One of the single most important thing you should know when building a brand is knowing who you serve and explicitly who you do not serve. When you know who you serve  you will create your products and services for  a specific type of business or person.

You brand is a who not a what

Remember it doesn’t matter what type of business that you have people do business with people and brands that let their audience understand that their is a person behind the blog, post or pitch, have the opportunity to grow expediently.

Now because brands are a who and not a what that means that every brand will not be appreciated by everyone.

People who accept, appreciate and are inspired by your brand are the people that you want to do business with

so stop being afraid of leaving money on the table.

The most important thing businesses can do is to understand the types of business that they do’t want to attract. When you just start a business its common to accept everything that comes your way, because they are ready and willing to pay you and quite frankly you need the money.  I remember when i first started this business, i had a discovery session with a small business owner, and even though i needed the money, i had a niggly feeling that this wasn’t the right fit, i couldn’t explain it, but i knew i wasn’t the right consultant for her, because i couldn’t do my best work with her so i sent her a email saying that. To my amazement i left money on the table, when i really needed it, because i knew early on in my business who i wanted to work with and by doing this i continue to make a profit.

Your brand personality will attract the right audience for you and repel the ones that are not for you, so build a business where you are serving the right people and doing business for the right reasons.

I want you to get over the fear that you won’t get any clients, or you won’t make as much money, you are human, just like how you have a group of friends and not friends with everyone, your brand is the same. Your brand has a personality.

Brands are not afraid to commit, to what they believe in, what they stand for, and are willing to leave the money on the table if something isn’t the right fit.

Here are 4 things that having a brand a personality will do for your business

  • Stand by decisions that you make and take any heat for them
  • Define who you are and who you serve
  • Consistency in your message and keep you on track
  • Doing what honours your audience
  • Stay human
  • Create loyalty and repeat custom

Start to build your brands personality, so your audience knows what to expect.  Then they will begin to trust, value and make you the only the only choice.

To be honest developing a point of view, knowing exactly who you are, involves making tough decisions about who you want to be and how you want to be know.

So you’re thinking how can you apply this to your business, you don’t want to be like everyone else and be a commodity.  Let me help you, don’t let this be a road block for your business, start to attract the right people that you can serve in your business, apply for a .

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