How To Create a Sales Machine With List Building

How To Create a Sales Machine With List Building

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How To Create a Sales Machine With List Building

Duration:      26:03

Guest:          Tim Paige

Tim Paige is a Conversion Educator.  Tim helps business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers to utilise the data from lead pages to increase the revenue, grow their leads, and scale up their businesses.

In this episode, Tim is sharing with us “How to create a sales machine with list building?”

Tim answers to my questions about:

  • How can we generate automated leads?
  • Can I get the results straight away?
  • Is building relationship easy?
  • How a visitor for the page can turn to be a customer?
  • What is the next step following e-mail marketing?
  • In order to connect to lead pages, do we need e-mail marketing system?
  • How can we get started with LeadPages?

Tim shares the following tips with us in this video:

  • Focus on growing your e-mail list.
  • To grow the e-mail list, create a landing page that gives away one-page PDF list of tools.
  • Be able to communicate with that list.
  • To grow the business, LeadPages is the natural thing.
  • Content upgrade.
  • How mobile marketing helps.
  • How to use Lead Digits help in lead generation.
  • You need an e-mail marketing system.
  • The 2 basic tools needed to start are landing page tool and e-mail marketing tool.
  • Can get more details on live webinar.

You can connect with Tim here:




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