How To Answer The Objection “I Need To Think About It”

how to handle the objection I need to think about it

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How To Answer The Objection “I Need To Think About It”

So you get to the end of your discovery call, things have gone pretty well, and you’re eager to get them moving forward.

Then they say this.

And you and I both know what this really means…

It means that once they’re off the phone, they’re almost definitely NOT going to get back in touch with you and tell you that they’re ready to go ahead.

It means they don’t understand what you can do for them.

A lot of the time, it can mean that they have no intention of buying from anyway, but just feel like it would be impolite to say so.

The good news here is that you CAN move forward once you hear this statement, and still close the sale there and then.

And you can do it without being forceful or pushy.

In this week’s free training video, I’m showing you EXACTLY what to say.

>>>Now to tune in (it’s less than 5 minutes long, and you’ll walk away knowing exactly how to handle this objection next time you hear it):


P.S. What I’m showing you in this session is absolutely essential because if you don’t learn how to tackle this objection effectively there and then while you’ve got your prospect on the phone, then you’ve lost the sale.

You can live in hope that they’ll get in touch the next day and tell you that they’re desperate to work with you and hand over their payment ASAP…

But that happening is VERY rare.

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