Don’t Ask Your Web Designer to Create Your Brand

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Don’t Ask Your Web Designer to Create Your Brand

Everyone wants to be known for something specific in business and this is where personal branding comes in. When you think of a business you think of something, whether consciously or subconsciously. This is what tells you if you want to go into certain store or not go into a store, visit a website or stay away, or if you’re going to buy or not buy.

What you think of a brand is directly related to how you perceive that brand as well as through the experience you have when you interact with them. Its a well thought out  brand strategy that sets out to create a specific type of experience for its audience

What do you think of when you see these brands?
•             BMW vs Ford
•             Asda or Aldi
•             Heinz or store labell
•             Primark Vs House Of Frasier

You thought of something, didn’t you and I’ll tell you why, it’s because they strategically created what they wanted to be known for, which frames your thoughts as to what you think of them.
People tend to get stuck on the wrong things when it comes to creating a unique experience for their customers and tend to pay hundreds of dollars on a logo and thousands on a website, but what you need to spend time thinking about, is what you want to be known for and apply it ASAP.

I’m about to say something controversial here, so prepare yourself……….DUN DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUU

[tweetthis]Don’t Ask Your Web Designer to Create Your Brand[/tweetthis]

Don’t do it! Please don’t do it, and I’ll tell you why,  some web designers are really good at making it look like they know it all when it comes to helping you build an online presence. But web designers are not generally business people. They are creatives who have been trained and shaped by one industry and don’t often think of the bigger picture such as client attraction and conversation. Unfortunately, IT people, graphic designers, coders, app developers are generally in the same boat.

Web designers often don’t take the time to learn how to build and run a profitable brand. They learn how to use colour pallets and layout and the techy back end stuff

Has a web designer ask you these questions?

  • Who is your target market, competition or industry?
  • What’s happening in your market or industry?
  • What problems do your target market have and how do you solve them?

Have they researched your company and talked with you from a business point of view before making recommendations on your website? Probably not. In this expert industry, you need to understand how to create what you want to be known for and create your bankable brand.

So if you shouldn’t ask your web designer to create your brand where should you go? You should contact a brand specialist, who

  1. Understands your brands internal beliefs and values
  2. Understands targeting a specific audience
  3. Understands segmenting that audience
  4. Understands how to create differentiation from others in similar markets

Prioritising the above is how you create a brand which has a firm foundation and is profitable.

Have you had a web designer to create your brand which as of now doesn’t represent who you are.

I would like you to invite you to a 20 minute brand discovery session, CLICK HERE


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