CASE STUDY ‘How Elyse Tager Went From Selling $500 Services To Selling Premium Consulting Services


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CASE STUDY ‘How Elyse Tager Went From Selling $500 Services To Selling Premium Consulting Services

In this interview Facebook Advertising Strategist Elyse shares how to changed her business model to only sell premium consulting services only and how she enrolled her first premium client withing 2 weeks of working with me.

Are you sick of hearing people tell you that you should start charging premium rates for your services? Are you always left tearing your hair out, because you KNOW that you should be charging more… it shows in your bank account!… but you just don’t know how to create that kind of breakthrough in your business?

The truth here is that you can’t just double your rates and expect everyone to want to work with you. After all, you’re struggling to enroll clients with your current prices.

The REAL problem here isn’t just how much you charge. I hate to be the one to break this to you… But it’s your COMPLETE business model! Before you can charge more, you need to be craft your premium package, based on the results and transformations that you can create for your clients, and you need to master the process of client enrollment.

I’m Petra Forster, your client enrollment strategist, and I’m sharing with you my step-by-step blueprint for successfully transitioning to a high-ticket business model in 6 weeks or less… Even if you have a tiny email list, a miniscule social media following, and you’ve never even REALLY considered going premium!

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