3 Reasons When To Start The Branding Process

3 Reasons When To Start The Branding Process

The foundation and the most essential part of your business is branding but often time other things take priority, such as advertising, marketing or a bright and shiny website.

Branding is for corporate companies, small business owners, retailers, online marketers. If you have a business of any type and you want visibility, customers and recognition, branding will position you as the leader in your industry and give you the competitive edge that I know you want.

Ok so where to start, let’s start at the beginning- “What is branding?”

Branding is the promise you give to your customers and why they chose to buy your products and services over your competitors.

Branding works in conjunction with marketing and advertising, in the way that you can’t market and advertise without a strong brand.  Your brand is the essence of who you are, it’s how you want to be perceived, it’s what you want to be known for.

[tweetthis]So when do you start the branding process? I have four letters for you, ASAP!!!! And I’ll give you 3 reasons[/tweetthis]

So when do you start the branding process? I have four letters for you, ASAP!!!! And I’ll give you 3 reasons

  1. Visual brand upgrade


You’ve been in business for 5 years or more, you have successfully built your business offline, and have a loyal customer base due to networking, word of mouth and referrals. You know you need to get on the online train, to attract new customers and to succeed in the digital age that we are in but you don’t know how and you have had your website since day dot and it isn’t responsive.  You can visually upgrade your brand by adding a few tweaks and   make it mobile friendly. This will change the way that your brand is perceived, keep you relevant, revitalised. Think of it like a mini a makeover.

  1. You’re a new business

Perfect timing; rather than being confused about what your brand stands for, who your target market is and the message that you want to convey as a new business, you are in the best place to start the branding process because you will have complete clarity on who you are, what you offer and what is your point of difference. This will immediately establish your credibility, have clear direction and create a buzz to reach new customers.

  1. Brand repositioning

If you want to engage in new markets or move from a local demographic to globally or if you want to attract a new clientele who see your value and are willing to pay your fees, starting the branding process is for you. A well-executed branding strategy will

1: Find out the weaknesses of your brand

2: Make a plan of action

3: Implement the plan to improve your position.

4: Create a marketing campaign to attract the clients in your new demographic

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Having a firm foundation for your brand gives you a strong platform for the growth of your business.


Would you like clarity in your brand? Book yourself in my diary here, for your 3 hour brand clarity session.


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