3 Reasons Why You need a Brand Positioning Statement

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What Is Your Brand Positioning Statement

A brand Positioning Statement, could also be called an elevator pitch, its a short statement that promotes who you are what you do and who you do it for and your brand benefit.

The 2 things i want you to know after reading this post is

      1. Why you need a brand positioning statement
      1. What are the elements in a brand positioning statement

Here are the 3 reasons

      1. The core objective  of your brand is to seize every opportunity to position your brand into the hearts and minds of your target audience.
      1. So that they chose you over your competitors.
      1. Your brand positioning statement is a way that you promote yourself, whether it be online or face to face.

Your brand positioning statement makes you distinctive and develops a connection between you and your audience.Just think about how much advertising that we are subjected to on a daily basis it could range from 3,000 to 20,000, you may think that this is an exaggeration, but just think when you are on Facebook, Twitter, the grocery store, watching TV not to mention direct mail and even what we wear, we are bombarded by marketing messages.

So lets make it easier for you to stand out and lead in your industry, so that you are the only choice.

Your Brand Positioning Statement immediately lets your audience understand exactly who you are and what you do, and why they need you.

A brand Positioning Statement has 3 components

      1. Who are you
      1. Who do you help
      1. What is your benefit

This is my brand positioning statement

My name is Petra,I am a branding consultant (ME)who creates branding strategy’s (HOW) for entrepreneurs (FOR WHOM) to unleash their expertise (SUCCESS) and become industry leaders.(BENEFITS)

The brand positioning  statement, not only benefits your audience but it also benefits you, just in case you may go off track, its a constant reminder of what you and whom you do it for. It communicates what success means for your brand, how it will be achieved and how your customers benefits from that success,

Your statement just needs to be 1 sentence and very straightforward.  You may need to rewrite your brand positioning statement several times until you find one that fits, so give yourself permission to do that.

Now its your turn, here is a Brand Positioning Template that you can use

For (target Customer)
Who (what problem do they have)
What you product is (the product)
Benefits (differentiator)

The key benefits to having a Brand Positioning Statement are:

      • Makes it easy for consumers to choice you
      • Manages the perception of your brand
      • Clearly explains what your brand is about


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