What Does It Take To Succeed As An Entrepreneur: 5 Keys To Being An Entrepreneur 

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In this episode Holly Luton Mindset Mastery Coach shares:What Does It Take To Succeed As An Entrepreneur: 5 Keys To Being An Entrepreneur. Holly shares with us her story, of having an average life, average education whose biggest dream was to have a job earning £30,000 per year.

In the space of 12 months, Holly has completely changed her life around, she is a successful mindset coach as has opened her own thriving Yoga studio in Wolverhampton city centre.

Holly did win the inspirational women of the year award

What we cover in this episode

Holly shares her story, of having no goals, and coming from an area in the West Midland, where it’s said no-one leaves there being a success. Holly had phenomena and didn’t know if she was going to live or die.

Yet she turns her life completely around, by using the power of mindset and found her purpose.

      • Surround your self with the right people
      • If you want to earn more, you must be willing to become more
      • The Law of Attraction works with action
      • The three most important things you need in your life
      • If you want to conquer the world you must conquer your mind, if you want to conquer your mind you must conquer your body

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